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Innosilicon a10pro 500mh

innosilicon a10pro 500mh  also known as A10 PRO+ 6GB ETH MINER, mines Ethereum and Ethereum Classic top coin. It mines at a maximum hash rate of 500Mh/s and power consumption of 1300W. This miner is said to be one of the most profitable miners in the market. The miner is said to be released by December 2020. The Innosilicon company produces it on the Ethash Algorithm.

The innosilicon a10pro 500mh  is considered a mighty Ethash profitability miner, with a very high and better hash rate and efficiency than any of the market competitors. It also has a few advantages as one of the market’s mines with a meager operation cost, high ROI, and longevity. innosilicon a10pro 500mh   will continue to bring you an optimal mining experience with unbeatable computing power when purchased.

This computing power is seen in its power consumption, H,ashrate which results in high efficiency. It has a small form factor, low noise. The company has designed this to help network decentralization with renewed energy and loyalty. The mining device has a noise level of 70db, which is considered low compared to other competitors in the market with a 75-90db noise level.

The noise level is an added advantage because it has a high hash rate and high power consumption. This Miner is considered to have more than three times the power and twice the efficiency of any other miner in the market.

Each of the miners produced is designed in the Ethash Algorithm, and it makes sure that it delivers more hash rate and efficiency than any of the other miners in the market. The interface of  Innosilicon a10 pro 720mh has been carefully designed with the users in mind.

The design is user friendly and can be easily operated for new miners. The company designed the Innosilicon a10 pro 720mh  ETHMiner so that it is easy to set up and run. The Machine also comes with all the power supply units needed.

On platforms where it is being sold, the warranty is provided starting from the shipping date. Overclocking the miner will void the warranty on the device.

Power Consumption of Innosilicon A10pro

innosilicon a10pro 500mh  has a power consumption of about 1300W. This is considered to be one of the potent miners with such high power consumption. The power consumption of the miner indicates that the miner requires enough power supply. This is where new miners need to take into consideration because of the electric cost needed. The electric cost needed to supply power to the mining device varies from different locations to another.

This is an important consideration for any new miner before purchasing the miner. The power consumption results in an optimal mining operation and experience. This also results in better efficiency. The high Hashrate and the power consumption results in an efficiency of 1.806j/Mj. Which is a very high-efficiency rate compared to the other competitors in the market.

Noise Level of Innosilicon A10

Surprisingly the innosilicon a10pro 500mh  has a high power consumption of 1300W, one of the highest in the market, compared to other devices in the market, and a hash rate 500mh has a low noise of 70db. Considering this miner’s greater profitability, the low noise level comes as an added advantage to this miner. Miners whose setup is in a residential environment can benefit from this advantage.

The profitability of Innosilicon A10 Pro

innosilicon a10pro 500mh  is said to be one of the most profitable miners out there in the market. It has a profitability of about $28.67/day, $860.02/month, and $10,320.28/year. This high profitability shows that the miner is a first-choice miner for any new miner looking to make great profitability from mining. This profitability can also be affected by the price of Ethereum in the market.

Apart from mine Ethereum and Etherum Classic, Other mineable coins for the Innosilicon a10 pro 720mh ETHMiner are the Musicoin, Ubiq, pirl, Ethergem, Callisto.


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